Talon Moved to Aviation Heritage Park

TalonMoveRolling on the road at two miles an hour isn’t exactly where a plane is meant to be. That’s where the T-38 Talon found itself Sunday night as it was moved from the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport to Aviation Heritage Park.

“We hand selected this one specifically because it’s got a fantastic history. It’s been flown by every Mercury astronaut, every Gemini astronaut, and every man that’s ever walked on the moon,” said Aviation Heritage Park President, Jim Wright.

After making it’s way down Scottsville Road around 10 PM, the plane hit the two lane pavement of Three Springs Road where things got a little tighter.

A few squeezes and close calls later the jet was at Basil Griffin park where the Toyota Tundra pulling it, was swapped out for John Deere Tractor.

Anticipation of the final few feet caused excitement among those who have waited so long for the moment.

“It’s such a beautiful plane. I know all the people who come by to see it, it will be an inspiration to them,” said Aviation Heritage Park Board Member, Jim Bohannon.

Over some grass and onto its concrete pad, the plane had to be moved carefully inches at a time. It was wheeled back and forth a few times until everything looked just right.

Months of planning and restoration finally came to an end as the plane was temporarily locked into place.

“The paint had faded. A lot of work had to be done. All the painting and striping had to be replaced. It took us quite a bit of effort to bring it up to speed,” added Aviation Heritage Park Board Member, Jerry Roark.

It may have only taken a couple hours and a few miles but there’s no longer any doubt, the T-38 Talon is exactly where it’s meant to be.

News article from WBKO
Photo by Bob Pitchford

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