RIP LCDR Richard “Brad” Bradberry

AHP has lost a good friend. LCDR Richard “Brad” Bradberry USN (RET) passed away Wednesday, March 28 in New Mexico. Brad came to AHP while we were researching the history of Johnny Magda, and provided the insight that only a fighter pilot who flew F9F Panthers could have. LCDR Bradberry was flying on Magda’s wing when Magda was shot down by ground fire during combat in Korea, staying with him until the end.

Brad had a long and distinguished Naval career, and later was a Lear Jet delivery pilot. He spoke 5 languages, and was one of the best story tellers in AHP. He joined the AHP entourage each year on the annual pilgrimage to AirVenture in Oshkosh, until 2016.

He’s now back on “Johnny’s wing”. He told us time and again that it was like dancing.

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