Huey Restoration Begins

Aviation Heritage Park has started to restore the recently acquired UH-1 Huey on loan from the Air Force for display in the park. The Huey will honor regional Vietnam veterans and tell the heroic story of Col. Raymond Nutter. Many area businesses and supporters have provided a helping hand with donations and gifts of volunteerism. After the acquisition of the artifact, Continental Machinery Movers brought the Huey from the Boneyard in Tucson to Bowling Green. The Huey went on temporary display at the Bowling Green- Warren County Regional Airport. It was recently “media” blasted by Southern Kentucky Blasting to remove the paint and then towed to the park by Felts Truck Repair and Towing.

Currently, the bird is being cleaned and made ready for painting by the all volunteer AHP Restoration team in the Gerald Roark Restoration Facility at the park.

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