Help AHP Locate a Huey

Board members and friends of AHP have been busy searching for a Vietnam War-era UH-1 “Huey” helicopter to display at the park on Three Springs Road.

If you can help, please call 270.202.7248.

If you can help, please call 270.202.7248.


“We believe it’s time to honor ‘Every Man,’ Bob Pitchford, AHP president reported. “The Huey would honor the military men and women from south central Kentucky who served during the Vietnam War era. Nearly every service member from that period of military history rode, flew, was a crew chief or “wrenched” on a Huey. The UH-1 is an iconic symbol of service in Southeast Asia and we hope, by telling the story one man in particular, Vietnam Medal of Honor winner SSgt Don Jenkins, we can honor all area men for their service.”

Many UH-1 pilots call south central Kentucky home. Some area Huey pilots and crew members are Col. Mac Reynolds (also former pilot of Marine One, official helicopter of the President of the United States), Col. Danny Young, Chief Warrant Officer Joe Durbin, Chief Warrant officer Bill Basham and Maj. Jim Wright.

AHP needs your help to compile a comprehensive list of service members from south central Kentucky associated with the UH-1 helicopter. Please contact us with names of anyone from this area involved with the aircraft.

Jim Allen, AHP Public Relations Officer said, “We are looking for a non-flyable unit, with blades and transmission. A complete cockpit with full instruments and seats is desirable. However, we will take a look at assembling one from random parts. We’ve had several leads but, as yet none have worked out.”

Allen continued, “We are asking for help. If anyone knows, or has an old platoon or squadron buddy that might know where AHP can find a discarded UH-1 body, or parts, please contact AHP offices at 270-202-7248.”

Aviation Heritage Park was founded on a vision to find, restore and display aviation artifacts with a historical connection to aviators from south central Kentucky. The park now has five planes on display. We look forward to displaying the 57 foot long, 5,000 pound iconic framework honoring our Vietnam era heroes. Read more recent news about the park by clicking this link to the July edition of Flight Line, Aviation Heritage Park’s newsletter.

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