Hangar Party Remembers Vietnam

Hangar Party tickets are available now and going FAST! Purchase online here or pick them up at Ford’s Furniture, Nat’s Outdoor Sports, Chuck’s Liquor, and Barbara Stewart Interiors. They are $40/adults, $15/children six-12, five and under are free.

This year’s event will host displays honoring regional heroes of the Vietnam War.

We invite you to see the photo walls and rosters of helicopter crew members. These are the men who piloted, acted as gunners, were air evac, performed maintenance, and all the other jobs necessary to support the helicopter’s mission in their assignments in Southeast Asia.

There will be a photo memorial wall to the 24 Warren County men Killed in Action.

Those interested in the history of warfare will want to check out the artifacts on display in the tent. Robert Decker will be bringing a VN War display from the Patton Museum at Fort Knox. A second display will be BATTLEFRONT! A special Vietnam War display and Living History group featuring standard equipment used by US forces in Vietnam dating from 1965 to 1973. See standard issue grunt in the jungle to Special Forces operating on secret missions as agents in the North Vietnamese Army.

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