Astronaut Visits AHP

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – After spending six months on the Space Station, a Houston astronaut visited Aviation Heritage Park with his family.

AHP President Bob Pitchford and Astronaut Barry Wilmore

AHP President Bob Pitchford and Astronaut Barry Wilmore

Astronaut Barry Wilmore returned from his space exploration in April, and is now traveling to share his story.

“We could talk for hours about how special and fantastic a place that is. And of course the science and the work we’re doing there around the clock. You know for 15 years now we’ve been operating on the space station, so it’s a great and wonderful place.”

For Wilmore, Bowling Green, Kentucky was a special stop. He had flown all of the aircraft displayed in Aviation Heritage Park except for one, the Navy Blue Angels Grumman Panther F9F. For him, sharing a piece of his history with his friends, wife and children was something he said he didn’t want to trade for anything.

“Well you know, that experience was special, but this is special too.”

Wilmore said he enjoyed getting to be back with his family, but he wouldn’t completely rule out another trip back to space.

“I’m done with my work now. I’m in the post-flight phase where I’m going and sharing the story, that’s part of what I’m here now for, but you know if the Lord gives me opportunity I might get to go back and do it again, we’ll see. Time will tell.”

As an honor to Barry Wilmore, Aviation Heritage Park asked him to sign his name on the NASA T-38 Talon that he had previously flown.

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