Airplane Contest Takes Flight

kid2Aviation Heritage Park successfully hosted its inaugural Paper Airplane Contest this past Saturday, November 22, at Bowling Green Junior High School. The competition was open to all local elementary and junior high schools.

The rules were simple; the planes had to be made from a single piece of typing paper, and were hand launched over an indoor measured course for distance and accuracy. Over the weeks prior to the championship, each participating school held preliminary competitions, with the winners meeting at the regional event hosted by AHP. Over 450 students participated at the school level.kid1

The top competitors in each grade category won a scholarship to attend Aviation Summer Camp at the Bowling Green/Warren County Regional Airport next June.

This year’s winners were Prince Patel a student from Jody Richards Elementary with a launch of 23 feet and Tanner Cosby a student from South Warren Middle School with a launch of 81 feet.

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