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AHP Seeking Local Vietnam Huey Crew

Aviation Heritage Park has recently received a UH-1F helicopter for restoration and placement in the park.

We are preparing a roster of veterans who have a connection to a Huey, such as pilots, ground crews, flight crews.

This roster will be used to update Huey vets on the restoration progress and of any special programs related to the Huey.

Also, we will honor our Huey vets with a photography exhibit at our upcoming Hangar Party on June 17.  This exhibit will feature photographs of our Huey vets.

If you have experiences with the Huey please allow us to place your name and contact information on our roster.  We would also like to include a photograph of you in the exhibit.  All you need to do is furnish the following:
(1)     Your name and contact information together with  a descriptive term for your Huey connection – pilot, ground crew, gunner, flight crew – or such.
(2)      A picture – maybe in military gear – it would be great if there is a Huey in the picture.  We will simply scan the picture and return it to you undamaged.
Send the information and picture to:
Ray Buckberry
1076 St. Andrews Circle
Bowling Green, KY  42103
Should you have any questions or wish to use e-mail:
Telephone:  270-202-0508

Army JROTC in Action

Thanks and a shout-out to Bowling Green High School Army Junior ROTC instructors Maj Roy Henson and Sgt 1st Class Doug McKinney. For several years they have brought their cadets to Aviation Heritage Park in May to wash the airplanes.

Today they did a great job. We appreciate their hard work.

Huey at Airport Monday, May 8- 10 AM

Hangar Party tickets will be available. Tickets are $40 for adults aged 12 and up. $15 for kids aged 6-12. The party ticket is all inclusive featuring a meal, beverages, the Huey, flyovers, static displays, a concert by CMA artist Aaron Tippen and dancing to the tunes of Bueler’s Day Off. Tickets are also available online by clicking this link. Table sponsorships are also available. Would your business or group consider this? A table reservation will help cover the cost to restore the Huey. See you Monday!

Huey ETA Monday, May 8, 10 AM- BG Airport

The Huey is on its way to BG, thanks to the expert guidance of these AHP board members- Ray Buckberry (SAR), Arnie Franklin (Rooster), and Gerald Roark (Tanker). After a day of work on the Huey, the rear horizontal stabilizer was swapped and drive shaft disassembly was successfully lowered for transport. Thanks to Continental Machinery and Jerry Cantrell for a successful load. Both the Huey and the AHP contingency spent the night in El Paso and will continue the journey today.

At 10 am Monday, May 8, the Huey will begin a route through BG Monday morning starting on Nashville Road, cross over Campbell Lane and progress up Scottsville Road. The UH-1 will be brought into the BG/WC Regional Airport. The public is invited to come take a look.

Hangar Party tickets and sponsorships will be available at the airport. Buy them onsite or they are available now by clicking this link. They will also be available at local stores June 1.

Huey Transport Begins Today

Load-up of the BG Huey is today, May 4. Continental Machinery arrives to transport the big bird. AHP board members Jerry Roark, Ray Buckberry and Arnie Franklin spent the day yesterday working on preparations for transport. Today they will see if their attempts to loosen the rotor drive were successful. If they are successful in the disassemble it will allow traveling a shorter distance to BG.

Planned BG ETA is Monday, May 8, 10 am at BG/WC airport. We will keep you updated.

Wing recovery
Wing recovery
Recovering a wing
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New Huey Photos

Summer Aviation Camp Application Available

Each summer, the Aviation Museum of Kentucky offers Aviation Summer Camps at airports around the state. In 2017, one camp will be offered at the Bowling Green airport. The Aviation Heritage Park Camp will be held July 6-7.  The camp costs $269 per child, lasts two days from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM and is offered to children aged 10-16.

Students will learn the ins and outs of aviation, from weather and navigation to the parts of an airplane. Students will also have the opportunity to assist an FAA Certified Flight Instructor in a cross-country flight in a Cessna 172. Click the flyer graphic for more details. There will be approximately 25 spots open for each camp this year. Click this LINK for the camp application and also click this LINK for the required flight waiver. There are limited opportunities for need based scholarships. Scholarship Application